Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unwoman To Perform At SOLD OUT 2013 Steampunk Ball

We have just confirmed a Headliner addition to the 3rd Annual Steampunk Ball & Silver City Spectacular's musical lineup.  Steampunk music legend UNWOMAN will be performing a full live-set with dancing
accompaniment for the Ball's finale this September 14th, 2013 at Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, NV!
"Unwoman is a renowned cellist-singer-songwriter frequently featured at steampunk conventions and other major events all over the US.  She has self-produced eight solo albums and recently completed her seventh successful Kickstarter campaign.  Unwoman has also performed with Abney Park, Amanda Palmer, Rasputina, Voltaire, Stripmall Architecture, and Vernian Process."
We witnessed, first hand, Unwoman's powerful stage-presence last month.  She has pioneered her own electric strings style which blends modern technology with reverently antiquated tones & steampunk sensibilities.  All of this gives her the freedom to stir souls through movement & interacting with the crowd during performances in an indubitably mesmerizing way.

Unwoman Quick & Dirty Music Sampler ~ Heroine ~ The City ~ Trouble ~ Crows
The HDS Ball Organizers, upon realizing just how lucky we were that Unwoman's September schedule opened up due to a cancellation, immediately added this coup-de-gras as the crescendo of an event already overflowing with wonder and amazement.  We just can't stop ourselves from bringing you the best event imaginable.  

*Less than one month to go!  Tickets are already selling quickly.  Click HERE to purchase yours.  UPDATE 09/12/13 ALL TICKETS FOR THE BALL AND THE MEDICINE SHOW ARE NOW SOLD OUT Don't risk missing what is going to be a day-long show-stopper with an unforgettable finale :D


  1. Good morning. News of this just turned up in my newsfeed, and I put a link on my site at

    Given our proximity (I'm in the San Diego area) and the devotion of the culture, it could generate a few attendees for you. Also, new items arrive daily, some of which could be of interest to your group, so consider this my invitation to check back from time to time to find out about other groups, releases, and activities.

    Best of luck with your ball!