Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hello again Ladies and Laddies!  Part of our exciting new year as High Desert Steam is filing for Non-Profit Status.  This means big changes to our internal structure, and we want to invite everyone to be involved. 

In order to file for a Non-Profit, one must have a membership.  We took this as a challenge to do more amazing things with HDS.  Bigger Expos.  Amazing Ball headliners.  Special secret, ongoing surprises for our members!  Won’t you join us in our adventure?

Let me give you a quick outline of our Membership Levels, then you can decide for yourself which level works for you. 

Supporter Member (Donations):  Don’t want to get involved in the shenanigans, but you do want to donate to the cause?  Well this is the level for you.  Every penny counts. 
  • Name on our Website
  • Mention in Program
Associate Member - $25 per year: Like to know what is going on, but don’t want to get too involved in the politics?  This might just be your ticket… and speaking of tickets:
  • All Supporter Benefits
  • Subscription to Newsletter
  • Associate Level Early Bird Ticketing
Sustaining Member - $50 per year:  You are a super member!  Involved, educated, and you get all the perks!  So many perks we can’t even list them because we don’t even know what they all are yet!
  • All Associate Benefits Plus Sustaining Level Early Bird Ticketing
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Right to Vote in Officer Elections
  • Right to Serve as an Officer
  • Official HDS Badge
  • Free Entrance to the 2015 Expo
  • Special Super-Secret Perks at all HDS Events*
Family Membership – Up to $85 per year: Oh geez, all this money, and you have thirteen kids and a wife and they all want to join too?  We have you covered.  One additional adult and any minor minions living at the same address as a Sustaining Member can be added for just $15 for the Adult and $10 per wee one.  The Adult is extended privileges of a Sustaining Member and the kiddos, well they are kids.  They can’t vote anywhere, can they?  But you can bring them along to the Expo and buy Early Bird Ball tickets for them.  A maximum of $85 per household is due with a limit of two adult memberships.

*Note:  Special Super-Secret Perks may not all have monetary value, but they will have mustache twirling, secret knocking, special decoder ring style fun. 

Please hit the above tab to find the Membership Form.  Perks are already starting to play peekaboo with Beta Members.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ladies and Chaps, we are so excited to announce the dates and details of our 4th Annual High Desert Steampunk Expo: The Bizarre Bazaar!  The Expo will be held April 18 and 19 -- that's right, two days -- at the Reno Livestock Events Center Exhibit Hall.

You do not want to miss this bigger and better Expo.  Special Features will include:

  • The Aether Brigade, both in onstage shows and in offstage shenanigans 
  • Barbara Smith out of Houston, TX, with 20 + years of Contra Calling experience teaching workshops both days
  • The Infamous Steampunk Undress featuring Mary Crawley and David Jackson
  • A brief Saturday Night Contra Dance to practice your new skills
  • Art Cars
  • Steampunk Laser Tag
  • An Art Gallery
  • After hours Tavern Stroll hosted by Lat's Do Things
  • Victorian Parlor Games and Steampunk Board Games
  • Vendors
  • Classes, Workshops and Panels
  • Daily Fashion Shows
  • Music
  • and so much more!
Stay tuned to find out how to volunteer, become our featured t-shirt artist, vend at this spectacular event, and become an official member of HDS to gain FREE admission and get EARLY BIRD ball tickets.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Honest Abe's Imagination Celebration November 1st 2014

The Nevada Museum of Art in Reno is hosting their annual Gala event on November 1st and this year our dreams are coming true because it is steampunk themed!  Under the moniker Honest Abe’s Imagination Celebration (click here for event page), one of the renowned Edwardian Ball's visionary directors has been contracted to transport us all into a realm of pure, steamy, imagination.  We invite you all to join High Desert Steam there for what will be an unforgettable event which will prove even more elaborate than last year’s wondrously high-budget Moulin Rouge themed museum Gala.

“~ A Steampunk Celebration of Nevada’s 150th ~ Yes, citizens, we’re going to party like its 1864! Part steampunk ball, part carnival, this celebration of our state’s visionary spirit will be a grand reimagining of the future through the wondrous lens of the past. We’ll view the original Emancipation Proclamation as El Radio Fantastique rouses imaginations with a uniquely antique menagerie of sights, sounds and musical styles. Dress in costume of appropriate flair: think Civil War meets Jules Verne meets the wild subconscious of a boyhood Lincoln. Includes complimentary desserts and savory treats.”

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

4th Annual Steampunk Ball Schedule of Events ( 2014 ) - BALL IS SOLD OUT

Print this out or do a screen capture on your phone and bring it with you to keep of track of When (& Where) everything will be happening!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Junk Parlor To Perform At 2014 Steampunk Ball - BALL IS SOLD OUT


High Desert Steam is proud to officially announce that Steampunk wunderkind band, Junk Parlor, is now the surprise headliner of this year’s 4th Annual Steampunk Ball September 13, at Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, NV!
“Junk Parlor, the gypsy funk pop band from Northern California, topped off one of the most incredible evenings I have spent at a club or listening room. Wild music and total fun only

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Year's Theme ~ Traveling To Futures Past (2014) - BALL IS SOLD OUT

What conveyances will assist you in Traveling to Futures Past?  This year’s 4th Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball theme thrives upon the imaginative inspiration that is Travel.

We are excited for you and the preparations we know you are already making for the journey ahead.  A journey that is to be undertaken both outward … and inward.  For traversing the 4 dimensions to arrive at the

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The 4th Annual Steampunk Ball ~ More Better Everything ( 2014 ) - BALL IS SOLD OUT

The 4th Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball at Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada will be held Saturday September 13 in conjunction with the Asha World Dancers' Spirits of the Wild West Revival.

Last year’s Ball was a significant expansion and this year will be no different as we’re featuring MORE BETTER EVERYTHING.  That’s right in 2014 we are featuring more musicians, more